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How did it start?

In the 1960s, the late John Tibbs was Rector of All Saints parish in the capital of Swaziland, Mbabane. It was in Mbabane that he met the late Jack Dobson who was a teacher at the local Trade School. Jack had gone to Swaziland in the 1950s as a draughtsman and builder and, working through the Church of England, helped build a secondary school and a pineapple farm at Usuthu. Jack later became Rector and also Dean of All Saints Cathedral in Mbabane and continued to live in Swaziland and, along with his wife Jean, was a key contact for the charity’s work until his death in January 2018.

The friendship between Jack and John led to an informal charity being formed to help children in Swaziland receive an education and in 2008 this charity officially became the Swaziland Schools Projects Charity with a registration number of 1123689.

The old toilets at Forbes Reef School
SSP's first building project - New toilets at Forbes Reef School


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